How To Design A Custom Made Photo Frame?

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When you are thinking about giving a timeless and personal gift to your loved ones, which they would certainly appreciate is a framed photo. This object suits all occasions and makes a perfect gifting solution. You can add a photo of the recipients, or someone they love, caricatures, artworks and many more. You can also gift an empty frame, enabling them to add their favourite photo afterwards. You should make the gift even more private with your exceptional flair, venerating the circumstance and giving them a souvenir to treasure for ages to come.

Write A Secret Message

Many times, you can think of including a handwritten postcard that articulates your compliments, appreciation or well wishes. Instead, one can write these private-sentimentalities straight onto the backing board or dust cover, ensuing in an unseen letter that remains a distinctive secret amongst you and your loved ones.

Designing the glass

With a picture framing glass, you can also create various designs on the glass itself. This will make your photo inside the frame a grand look. To make it custom made, you will easily find many blogs and suggestion over the air. So take help from them and create a masterpiece.

Writing at the back of the board

The board at the back is called the mounting board or backing board. You can write over it, but you should make sure that the ink you are writing doesn’t bleed. Because if it happens, it might destroy your photo inside the frame. You would never want it to happen like this. So do carefully.

Usually, the photo frames, come with a dust cover but they don’t last long because of the wear and tear. Picture framing in melbourne australia says that you should replace the mounting board and get a new one. If you are planning to write on the mat board, then you can certainly use ink that won’t fade away with time. It is advisable to use pigment inks as they are better than dye ink pens. So never use a fountain pen or ballpoint pens.

The pigment ink pens are always marked as gel pens and at times as pigment ink pens. You should have a perfect plan in your mind, before heading out to start writing. Be sure of the spacing, placement, and size of the font beforehand. If things go wrong, you can change the mat board and choose another one. When you don’t have any more, cut it short.

Paint the Frame

Take your custom-made photo frame gift to the next level and create a Do-It-Yourself project with paint. You can let your mind’s eye run wild:

  • You can paint a message or phrase.
  • You can think of using a painter’s tape for creating various geometric patterns.
  • You can paint the photo frame with many dots to create a wide variety of intricate designs.
  • Stencil’s can be used to create designs.
  • One can also create a two-toned effect on the photo frame. This will give the frame a new look and feel.

If you are trying this thing for the first time and you are not sure how to paint the picture frame, then you can certainly follow many blogs online to get inspired from and create something new and appealing to feel.