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Erlyn Encina Dador is an amazing artist whose experiences vary from being a comics illustrator, a painter, and an architectural designer. Added to these is her ability to bring her designs alive by etching or carving them on to glass. Mrs. Dador hails from the Philippines where she learned this form of art which she has been exhibiting for the past nineteen years.

As an artist she does her work with passion, discipline and total dedication. Her inner drive is always to complete her work to the highest standard possible, regardless of the simplicity or intricacy of design involved. Her principle is one that she will not wait until others criticise her work before she improves it. For she believes that although no one is perfect, one can always strive to do the best he/she can. And on glass is no exception.

"Her inner drive is always to complete her work to the highest standard possible..."

Erlyn spent a few years in Paris, France where she had the chance of exhibiting some of her art as well. Her various experiences, along with her architectural background, have made her competent to meet with homeowners, architects and designers to discuss the most appropriate composition of artwork which is to be used on glass for any chosen area of application. See ART ON GLASS for details/applications.

Please visit our GALLERY to see some of her exciting designs.



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