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Art On Glass Framing & Preservation
Framing should be more than just putting 4 pieces of wood around the object and a hook at the back.

At AA Framing & Decoration only conservation materials are used to preserve your treasured pieces. What does this mean? We use only acid-free matboards, backing boards tapes and glues. All of our glass gives either 45% or 97% ultra-violet protection.

Has This ever happened to You?

• The photo which was put in a ready-made frame is damaged because it is stuck to the glass.
• That beautiful framed picture which you purchased last Christmas has suddenly fallen off the wall; the glass is broken and has cut or scratched the picture.
• The print which you had framed has started to fade.
• The matboard around the picture is beginning to show spots and the cut edge has turned a yellowish brown.
• You look at your framed print and see your reflection in the glass.

We have solutions to all of these problems!

Is Custom Framing too expensive to preserve a memento for future generations?

It does not have to be. An item can be framed simply but elegantly, or the framing can be a lot more detailed or dramatic, and therefore more costly. We have a large variety of mouldings at a wide range of prices. We can assist you in selecting the moulding and style to enhance your picture and tailor the size of the finished frame to suit your budget.

Do you still want to leave items like these hidden away in your drawer?

Services Offered
• Custom Framing
• Mounting & Laminating
• Shadow Boxes
• Canvas Stretching
• Needlepoint Blocking
• Shrink Wrapping
• Original Art Work, Photographs & Prints for Sale


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